What's Up © Donna Goldman

Although every shoot is different, I am always guided by the desires of my clients and the personality of my subjects.  But the objective remains the same: to create beautiful, memorable photographs that you adore.
  Before the scheduled session, I come to meet you and the people to be photographed. We talk. Call it background or research or location scouting. The point is, together we determine what, where, when, how, who...
  The photo session typically lasts one to three hours.   I shoot with both small and medium format cameras and use anywhere from three to ten-or more-rolls of film (black and white, color, or both).
  For the most part, I photograph only in natural light.  That to me is what brings a portrait to life.  Obviously, the "quality" of
light varies.  Understanding the shifting magic of the sun's rays is one of my strong suits. As you would expect, I have some firm ideas about what shots to go for. But I am also vigilant in searching for the "found moment", the unexpected expression or glint of light or camera angle that produces photographs that will thrill you.